Risk Assessment - Millennium Fields

Hazard Who might be affected? What are you already doing? What further action is necessary?
Uneven ground/potholes Players, Managers, Officials, Visitors Material available to fill holes, level the ground. Inspection of pitches before every use. Any issues fixed immediately, or area cordoned off.
Slips, trips, and falls Players, Managers, Officials, Visitors Clear walkways around pitches. No obstructions. Clean up litter Walkways and high traffic areas should always be clear of equipment and bags. Bins provided for litter.
Goalposts – unstable/falling Players, Managers, Officials Regular inspection and maintenance of goalposts. Secure fixings into ground. Replace damaged posts. Prevent climbing. Goalposts checked prior to every use for loose fixings, holes in netting, damaged parts..
Footballs striking players/spectators Players, Spectators Spectators stand back from pitch sides.

Respect barriers in place during matches.

Stand back 3m where possible.
Aggressive/violent behaviour Players, Officials, Spectators Codes of conduct for players, officials. spectators. Managers supervision at all times. Incident reporting procedure in place.
Extreme weather – heat, cold, storms Players, Managers, Officials


Cancel activities in unsafe conditions. Reschedule games. Provide shelter/shade and water. Ensure players remain active in cold weather. Lightning policy cancels play if storm nearby.
Electrical Equipment Managers, Officials, Visitors Regular inspection and tagging of electrical devices. RCD protection for all power circuits. Remove damaged items. PAT testing annually.
Slips in changing rooms Players, Managers, Officials, Visitors Clean floors regularly. Warning signs when wet. Changing rooms checked/cleaned before and after every use.
Security – unauthorised access Managers


Secure gates and doors if last group using the facility. Always check who will lock up before leaving the facility.
Spread of illness/infections Players, Managers, Officials, Visitors Clean facilities regularly. Sick individuals stay home.
Fire Players, Managers, Officials, Visitors Fire exits. Extinguishers. Emergency plan. No smoking in the clubhouse. Exits clearly marked, kept clear.
Vehicle movements Players, Managers, Officials


No parking on-site other than officials with equipment. Parking areas away from pitches. No vehicle movements in the vicinity of pedestrians.