Kendal United League Allocation Policy

This policy seeks to support a viable local league for Kendal United junior teams, while also supporting teams wishing to explore wider opportunities by playing in non-local leagues.


The choice of league A Kendal United team plays in can impact . . . . .

   >   The viability of the local league.

   >   The club, in terms of facility provision, match scheduling and running costs.

   >   Families, with more complex travelling logistics if playing in a non-local league.

Under this policy, both club and parents will be consulted prior to any application to play in a non-local league.


The Kent Valley League is the default local league for Kendal United boys/mixed youth teams. Any request by teams to play in a non-local league must in the first instance be routed through the Club Secretary for onward consideration by the club committee. This should take the form of an email setting out the reasons for the request. The committee will then consider the request based on the following criteria.


  • Consultation

The team has contacted the Club Secretary by email with the request to change to a non-local league and parents have been consulted.


  • Kent Valley League Support

To maintain support for the Kent Valley League, do we currently have another team playing in the KVL in the same age group as the team requesting to leave? If not, can the coaches/managers of the team requesting to leave help support the creation of such a team?


  • Facilities

Do we have sufficient facilities available to accommodate the scheduled day and time of all the leagues our teams would play in? Leagues can be Saturday only, Sunday only or both.


  • Scheduling

Would match scheduling likely result in clashes in local and non-local league fixture schedules and could this be resolved?


  • Costs

If requested, would the team meet any additional costs incurred by the club by them moving to a non-local league?


  • Club Impact Summary

Would the club be severely impacted by the team moving to a non-local league, based on facility provision, scheduling, cost.


  • Team Impact (Special Cases)

Would the team be severely impacted if approval to move to a non-local league was not sanctioned? The club recognises that there will be special cases on occasion.


  • Assessment

The criteria above will be considered by a club sub-committee. The sub-committee in this policy will comprise a minimum of any three of Club Chairman, Treasurer, Vice Chairs and Secretary. The team manager will then be informed on the club’s decision.